Best Sports drink for Kids
The lazy days of summer are finally here and children will be engaged and many outdoor activities. Keeping children hydrated is extremely important during the warm weather but which one is the best? At Market Basket (and all grocery stores) we are faced with shelves of brightly colored and flavored sports drinks each claiming to be the best at preventing dehydration. If you check the labels they are all filled with significant amounts of sugar and a variety of artificial colors and flavors. None of these ingredients will help your child stay hydrated. Many parents are concerned that their children will not replacing lost electrolytes if they don’t drink these calorie and color laden drinks. I can only give my own perspective on this….

While I was in my 40’s, I participated in sprint distance triathlons. This involved swimming 1/4-1/2 a mile, biking 10-15 miles, and running 3-4 miles. I participated in these events roughly a dozen times and they never got easier! I was working at my max for several hours at a time. What did I drink? Water!

Most children are not out running marathons or competing in triathlons and don’t need intensive electrolyte replacement. The best thing you can give them is water! Water is cheaper, less caloric and all natural…it has everything your child needs. If your children like carbonation, use the clear seltzers that have some flavoring. There is something for everyone this summer…now drink up!