COVID-19 Virus

We can’t seem to get away from news about the corona virus…it’s everywhere. What can we do to keep ourselves healthy? At first glance, the obvious answer seems to be to Purell everything in sight and stay inside. There is a less obvious but more powerful answer.

When you think about it what really keeps you healthy? Your immune system is your personal, built in army that fights off infection. The best way to stay healthy is to have the strongest immune system possible.

  • Immune systems remain strong when we feed ourselves healthy, whole food and eliminate fast food.
  • We also stay healthy and strong when we aren’t taxing our bodies with the toxins of cigarettes and excessive alcohol.
  • Sufficient sleep helps our bodies recover and regenerate from the day to remain strong.
  • Chiropractic adjustments also boost your immune system and your care with us will help.

Staying healthy during this time comes from the inside as well as the outside. Eat well, sleep well, wash your hands and get your adjustments! We will all get through this together, healthfully!