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What to expect on your first visit

Our goal on your first visit is to find out about who you are, what brought you to our office and learn about your personal health goals. During the time of you intake, we will ask you about your problem, it’s history and how your life is being affected by it. We will use the information from that conversation to direct the next step in your visit, the examination.

Your First Examination

So that we can access your spine, you will be laying face down on a special chiropractic table.
Your examination will include painless orthopedic and neurological tests and palpation. During the palpation part of your examination, we will be checking the areas of your spine and soft tissue surrounding it. If you are pregnant, our tables are specially equipped to allow you to safely and comfortably lay face down.

After the Examination

After your examination, we will discuss if xrays are necessary. For your convenience we have a digital x-ray unit on site. After taking your x-rays we will need a day or so to fully analyze them. At your follow up visit, we will show you your x-rays and discuss a plan to help you feel better, get stronger and achieve your personal goals. Every patient receives an individual customized treatment plan. Our goal is helping you get back to the things that are important to you!

 Incredibly professional environment / Caring Doctors providing superb care to all patients - I've been a patient here for almost 18 years now and have always been treated with kindness and respect by both Dr. Kawut and Dr. Chapnick -They've taken care of my back, neck, shoulders and given me great peace of mind year after year! I chose this year (2018) to continue receiving care here even though the office is now "out of network" - because I couldn't imagine anyone else caring as much about my back/spine and overall health and well being as much as they do here! Anyone looking for chiropratic care should start (and end) their journey with Dr. Kawut and Dr. Chapnick - Donna F

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