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Billerica Chiropractic Office will be closed from Dec. 24 at 12 pm until January 4 at 9 AM. 
There will be an emergency chiropractor on call should the need arise. 
We wish our family of patients a peaceful, meaningful and healthy Christmas and New Year.
Drs. Honi and Sandy, Alesia, Joanne, Cheyenne and Ashley

We Are Open!

Great news for all of our patients and all those who seek our help!

As of May 11, 2020 Billerica Chiropractic will be open for our regular business hours. Up until now, while we were and are considered an essential business, we felt the responsible thing to do in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic was to limit our practice to only our acute patients in limited hours. Since we have seen a rise in people of need, we have decided to return to our normal hours with the following limitations. We will continue to follow all Covid-19 guidelines. We will limit our office to the maximum allowed of 10 people in the office at one time. We will see less patients per hour to avoid crowding. As we have been all along, every adjusting table will be cleaned and disinfected using products recommended by the CDC. All staff and doctors will wear masks as mandated and gloves if requested by our patients. Please be patient with us as we are trying our best to do what is right, safe and in the best interest for all those we care for. We look forward to things returning to the new normal and most importantly we are looking forward to seeing you!

Dr. Sandy Chapnick, Dr. Honi Kawut, Alesia, Joanne and Cheyenne

What could you do
if your body was running at its best?

Don’t miss out on the things you love to do.

At Billerica Chiropractic, our goal is to take you beyond pain to total wellness.
The wellness to have the energy and stamina you want; the ability to do the activities you love, free of pain; the ability to perform at your best at any age.  Conveniently located at 25 Bridge Street in Billerica, our doctors specialize in a variety of techniques and will find the key to unlocking your potential.

Chiropractic Services in Billerica Massachusetts

Our Services & Specialties

Your nervous system controls everything.

An optimally functioning nervous system will give your body the ability to achieve vibrant health.  Our regular chiropractic care and specialty care will help your nervous system function at its best.









Why choose Billerica Chiropractic?

  • Outstanding, caring doctors
  • Expertise in many areas of chiropractic care
  • Over 65 years of experience
  • Flexible payment options
  • We take many types of insurance
  • Friendly and helpful office staff
  • We run on time!  No long waits for a doctor
  • Private adjustment rooms
  • Expanded office hours to fit into your schedule

Your Recipe for Health

Patients often come to us seeking relief from complaints of back pain, neck pain, headaches/migraines and sciatica.

Many not only find resolution to the initial complaint, but they are delighted to see improvements with other health concerns as well. As these patients continue with corrective and wellness care, we commonly hear about improvements in other areas.

Patients often report better quality of sleep, improved energy, relief from heartburn, digestive issues, asthma and a host of other health issues. Chiropractic, along with regular exercise, proper nutrition, adequate amounts of sleep and a positive mental attitude are the essential elements of a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t you owe it to yourself
to see just how healthy you can be?

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